Beautyful Hero

Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

Beautyful Hero is founded by Mimi Thuong, a licensed child psychotherapist. She is one of the very few child psychotherapists that is skilled in using English and Vietnamese in professional and therapeutic settings. She is licensed and endorsed in the state of California.

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC #4608)
  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT #100223)
  • Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist (IFECMHS)

“Beautyful Hero’s vision is all parents, early childhood educators and pediatric professionals understand the underlying challenges in children’s behaviors and are supported to use a developmental-relational approach to maximize children’s socio-emotional, cognitive development and social competence.”

(Mimi Thuong, LMFT, LPCC, IFECMHS)

What does support look like?

I provide support and strategies for children's behavioral challenges that are:

Working with the Birth to Five population requires specialized and research-based interventions. My approaches include: Brazelton Touch Points, DIR-Floortime, Child Parent Psychotherapy and Triple P.


Each child develops at their own pace and in their own unique way (not necessarily by chronological age). My approach is customized and individualized to your child's needs to maximize their strengths.


The Public Health emphasizes that play is essential for health across the life span. I use play to help your child express their deepest feelings as well as strengthen meaningful interactions between you and your child.

Did You Know?

  • Socio-Emotional Development

    Socio-emotional development is the ability to manage feelings and behaviors. Empirical studies have confirmed that children with emotional competence are more confident and more successful in academic achievement.

  • Emotional Co-regulation

    Many approaches assume that children can regulate their emotions and behaviors, which is not true. The pre-frontal cortex of the brain starts developing in infancy and only matures at age 25. Therefore, children need adults to assist them to regulate. The adults also need support to regulate their own emotions to co-regulate with their child.

  • Emotional Self-regulation

    Self-regulation is not a skill that humans are born with. Many adults expect that children need to self-regulate when in reality, they do not yet have that ability. When children are assisted to feel safe in mind and body, they will miraculously manage their behaviors.

No matter how challenging the situation is, I am here to help you develop insight to have a different perspective and regain your self-confidence. You don't have to do this alone! Together we can support your child, emotionally and behaviorally, through the power of co-regulation.

Beautyful Hero's clients

Parents, Pediatric Professionals and Early Childhood Directors


Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents

Did you know that play therapy can help you:

  • Reduce stress?
  • Gain back joyful moments with your child?
  • Help your child develop across all domains?

I will show you how to use these techniques anywhere, anytime, around your daily activities AND have fun with your child!


Pediatricians, Psychologists, Educators, Early Interventionists, Speech Therapists, Counselors...

Are you interested in:

  • Learning cutting-edge information in early childhood mental health and development?
  • Gaining new ways to understand challenging behaviors?
  • Strengthening your skills working with young children and families?

I provide live online courses and training specialized for the Birth to Five population.


Child Care Center Directors, Behavioral Health Directors, University Department Chairs

Are you:

  • Looking for someone to provide specialized training for your staff?
  • In need of a speaker for your teacher pre-service professional development day?
  • Thinking of online learning programs for your organization?

Look no further! I provide in-person as well as online learning opportunities for educators, pediatric professionals and organizations.