- February 17, 2021

In August 2017, a devastating hurricane Harvey hit the Southeast Texas and Louisiana, causing significant and catastrophic loss for many children and families. My Child Parent Psychotherapy trainer, Dr. Chandra Ghosh Ippen, a leading infant and early childhood psychologists in the USA, immediately wrote a color book “Trinka and Sam- The Rainy Windy Day” to help children who have experienced the hurricane learn to deal with their fears and worries. I had a pleasure to review the Vietnamese translation of this beautiful book.

Recently there have been so many typhoons and tropical storms in Vietnam, I suddenly remember this beautiful story. I am hoping parents, teachers and therapists can use this book as a way to help children feel safe and loved again. (Please refer to page 21-24 to learn how to use this book in the most therapeutic way).

This story was developed in collaboration with the Early Trauma Treatment Network, a partner of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

I hope the children feel safe and loved while enjoying the color activity!…/trinka_sam_the_rainy_windy_day.pdf