Pro Bono Services

For Vietnamese parents

Parents Support Group

Are you:

  • A parent of a special need child under 6 years old?
  • Feeling lost and confused?
  • Wanting to gather helpful information for your families?

You are NOT alone in this journey. Many parents have very similar experiences as you do. Let’s connect with each other and feel refreshed and inspired.

I offer online support group for Vietnamese parents from around the world. The group meets regularly at 8AM (Vietnam time) every Sunday morning. You may come any day you want, there is absolutely no commitment. No matter how big or how small our group is, whether it rains or shines, I will always be there.


Workshop/ Webinar

Are you:

  • A director of parents support group?
  • A facilitator of family support group network?
  • A moderator of parents of special needs children club?

I offer 75-minute psychoeducation talks online for Vietnamese parents support groups, paraprofessionals and professionals. Most requested topics include: Comparing therapy models for Autism; Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties.


Child-Parent Psychotherapy

Has your child recently:

  • Experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse?
  • Witnessed severe domestic violence in the family?
  • Your family is low-income?

I can help! I will provide initial assessment, brief treatment and linkage to appropriate resources.

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Helpful Resources

I have gathered many wonderful resources on infant-early childhood development and mental health.

Feel free to download any resources that you think might be helpful for you and your child! Enjoy!


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