Exceptional and Compassionate

She has a big heart for children.

Far beyond what we had ever expected, Miss Mimi Thuong gave our children the confidence and the ability to interact with others. As parents with absolutely no experience in this journey. Ms. Thuong gave us the courage to accept that our three children have special needs.

We had been in great denial and holding onto the beliefs that our children are normal, or maybe they are just a little bit different from others. Eventually, the thing that we thought as “just a little bit different” urged us to find some ways to understand their behaviors and help them get better… We tried to do some research about special needs children on our own. There were so many things to read… Children with special needs are so different. We realized that our children and we, parents, need a specialist.

We were praying days and nights… Finally, our family met Miss Thuong. We were extremely lucky to find her, a specialist with a wealth of knowledge. We noticed that our children started to open up, talk more, and many things started to improve. The most important thing was we had a better understanding about special needs children. We felt more assured when working with her. At first, I did not really understand why or how her approach worked; I just thought “Well, that’s why she is a specialist!”

But no!! After working with many other specialists, I realized the difference between her and other service providers. Not only she is exceptional at her work, she also has a big heart for children. With her kindness, she approached our family’s situation as if it were her own, and helped our children as if they were hers.

Thank you, Mimi for all that you have done for us and other families.

Parents, I hope you will be lucky like us and able to work with her.

(Ms. Dai, mother of 3 special needs children)