Exceptional and Compassionate

He is no longer screaming.

Dear parents,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nhu, a mother of a child having a speech delay. He is 4 and a half years old. We live in San Jose. I want to share with you about his childhood development.

At 20 months old, our family noticed that he was slower than other children at his age. He could not say words such as “father”, “mother.” He had a hot temper, often screamed, and pulled my hair. He did not know how to play with toys for his age. As a mother, I was very worried for my child.

I was able to find a school in San Jose and they connected me to home visit services. The school introduced me to Ms. Mimi Thuong. With her suppor, along with other teachers, he is now able to talk and also is more calm. He is no longer screaming or destroying toys as he used to.

I would like to share some words with parents: If you have children having similar symptoms as my child, I hope you feel confident seeking help from specialists, so that their beautiful early childhood time is not wasted.

(Ms. Nhu, mother of a special needs child)