Exceptional and Compassionate

I was too a late talker.


My name is Doan. My son is turning 10 this October. When he was about 12 months old I noticed that he was different compared to other kids his age. He often got upset and threw tantrums when asked to follow direction. At night he often had nightmares and got scared. He started talking very late, too. Since I was a late talker when I was young, I took my son for a checkup to see if there were any problems. I enrolled him into school but still, he did not really talk. I became very worried wondering if he might have Autism.

When I met Mimi Thuong, she helped my son have a comprehensive evaluation with a specialized team. His final diagnosis was not autism, but intellectual disability along with some behaviors issues. Miss Thuong showed me how to play with my son, how to teach him, and talk to him so he would behave better. I also enrolled him into a special need classroom.

When he started school, he was not able to hold things tightly or cut well like other kids. However, he is much better at cutting now. He was not good at writing, but now his hand-writing is very pretty. He used to be really slow at learning and could not seem to catch up with his peers. I have really tried to help him learn, and see that he has improved significantly. He is really good at math and draws really well too. Now, he only has problems expressing his strong emotions with his friends. Whenever his friends upset him, he could not tell them so. He held it inside and told me about it when he got home.

I want to share with other parents that if you notice something unusual in your child, it would be best to seek help from professionals and act early so that your child gets help as soon as possible.

(Ms. Doan, mother of a special need child)