Exceptional and Compassionate

She taught him about feelings.


I have a son turning 10 years old this year. Whoever looks at him would think he is just like any other normal kid. Not only that, he is very good-looking. When he was young, he did not talk much. He just really enjoyed watching TV and learning from TV shows. Whatever that we tried to teach him, he would not want learn; he would resist fiercely, cry, scream, head butt, run and hit his head against the wall. I did not dare to share his symptoms with anyone.

At work there were 1 or 2 coworkers of mine who also had children with similar behaviors as my son. While listening to them talking about their children, I slowly shared with them that my son also had similar issues. My coworkers then provided me Miss Thuong’s number to get help. I learned that Ms. Thuong is Vietnamese. In America, if there were Vietnamese specialists that are willing to help, it would be even better.

Miss Thuong came to our home to help my son 1 or 2 days a week. She taught him how to communicate his needs, how to manage his feelings, how to differentiate what is good from what is not so good, what he is or not supposed to do. Miss Thuong is very kind and soft-spoken. My son liked her very much. He was always asking me when Miss Thuong would come. After a few weeks, my son knew what day and what time she would come and play with him.

Parents, I want to encourage you to open your heart and not be afraid of questioning why your child is slow so that you can get help for your child as soon as possible. Now whenever I hear any of my friends saying how their child is already 3 years old and not yet talking or tending to do something over and over, I immediately think of my child. No parents want their child to be abnormal, but no matter how abnormal my child is, he is still my loving child.

We, as parents, need to try to find the services as soon as possible to help our child get better. Right now, my son is in grade 4. Even though he is still quite slow, he is much much better than before. My family is trying our best to help my son improve more and more everyday.

(Ms. Ngoc, mother of a special need child)