Exceptional and Compassionate

The instinct of a mother.

Hello everyone,

My name is Mien. I am currently living in San Jose, California. My five-year-old son is one of the children diagnosed with mild autism. He received the evaluation and treatment at a young age, when he was only 20 months old.

My son was not born prematurely. All his milestones such as rolling, crawling, sitting up, standing, walkin were met at the expected time. However, he did not talk (even one or two words). He did not like to be held by others, did not respond when we called his name, and even looked away when we were trying to look at him. In addition, he was such a picky eater; (he only ate white rice). He felt so uncomfortable and cried a lot more as he grew older (since we couldn’t understand his needs).

At that time, our families, friends and relatives had many different opinions. Most people thought that he maybe a little slow, maybe a little bit grumpy, and that he would get better as he got older. However, with a mother’s instinct, I knew that he and our family needed help. Our family doctor referred us to some organizations specializing in this field. I started to learn new knowledge from many health care professionals. Luckily, I happened to meet and work with Miss Thuong.

Everyday for six months, I was watching and noticing differences in my son’s behaviors. Miss Thuong incorporated early intervention into our daily activities. Miss Thuong was very patient and shared her approach with us step by step. She helped us understand and find ways to connect to our son.

My son just turned 5 in March. Now he can talk and share with us and his sister about what he cares about. He can say what he likes or doesn’t like. He knows how to ask for things and learns how to share. He is generally happy. Also, he can eat a variety of food, including American and Vietnamese food. He likes to travel too. The most special thing is that he likes reading and doing math. He can read his sister’s textbook (his sister is in sixth grade), solve simple math problems (addition and subtractions within 100) without our help or his sister’s.

From what our family have been through so far, I think my son has improved so much thanks to three factors: 1) Early intervention; 2) Finding the right information, the right specialist and the right school; 3) Our love, patience and determination to help him.

Hello, I am his father.

Now, my son is really happy and talks a lot. He is especially good at reading and numbers. He can recognize up to millions digit (seven numbers). All the positive improvements are thanks to Miss Thuong. Her kindness and patience, along with her enthusiasm and efforts provided us the best and quickest answers possible. We are very thankful to Miss Thuong. If anyone asks for a referral, without hesitation, we will immediately refer to Miss Thuong, We hope that you will get the same positive bright results as our family did.

(Mr. Du and Ms. Mien, parents of a special need child)