Exceptional and Compassionate

Miracles really happened!

First of all, our deepest gratitude to Ms. Thuong.

Approximately four years ago, when I was so lost that I didn’t know how to help my almost 3-year-old daughter say the word “Mom.” I had taken my daughter almost everywhere… As soon as I heard about specialists A, B, C etc….. that specialize helping kids with language and behaviors, I immediately drove my daughter to that specialist, no matter how far it was.

Finally, I met Ms. Mimi Thuong, a dedicated and compassionate child therapist. With her help, my daughter made significant progress. Her expertise and her care helped my daughter be more confident, more social and much happier. Although the time was only about 50 or 60 minutes weekly, miracles really happened. My daughter is now developing well, very intelligent and always happy.

Today, as a parent, I feel very happy. Again, thank you Ms. Mimi very, very much. Although we are no longer working with you, we wish you a lot of health to help more children and families, and succeed in life!

(Ms. Tuyến, mother of two special needs children)