Exceptional and Compassionate

He is very affectionate.


I am Thuy. I have four children. The eldest studies very well and is one of the top students at her school. The youngest is very clever. The second one has Autism, and the third one has a speech delay. My second one was diagnosed with autism when she was about 3 years old. I noticed that she always looked sad, preferred to be alone, kept going from one corner to another corner of the room and then hiding herself under a blanket. She understands a lot, but is very distracted and often daydreaming. I took her to several doctors and learned that she has Autism.

My third child was babbling “uh ah uh ah” all the time but not any real words. At the age of 5, he didn’t even know how to say his name. When he was young, whenever we drove him somewhere, he insisted going the exact same route. For example, he always wanted us to drive pass Chuck E. Cheese over and over. On days that there was bad traffic and we tried to reroute, he would kick, jump up and down in the car crying.

Then we met Ms. Thuong, who came to my home to teach him and play with him. She also took him to see a special doctor. After a long day testing, we learned that he did not have Autism. The doctor explained that he pointed at everything and was very social. Also, he was very affectionate and expressed his emotions with others. By the time he turned 5.5 years old, he started to talk a lot! The whole school was very surprised by his progress!

Parents, I hope you will take your child to test and receive early intervention so they can keep up with the school work and fit in with friends at school.

(Ms. Thuy, mother of 2 special needs children)