Exceptional and Compassionate

He did it!!


My name is Thi. I would like to share a few words to all parents about unusual signs (behaviors and/or communication) in young children. Special needs children need support from early childhood specialists very early on! My family has been through this stage.

The first time when I started noticed “unusual signs” of my child he was already 3 years old. When I took him outside to play, he was always so anxious. Whenever he met someone, he always hid behind my back. He rarely talked to anyone, even to me! However, since he knew everything and understood everything, I thought that he was too shy. Simple!

For a while I kept thinking that he was fine, but afterwards, I became worried so I enrolled him into school. I was hoping that when he had friends he would be more social and less anxious. However, even when he attended school, he did not get along very well with his friends and teachers. His teacher told me that we needed a specialist to help us teach him how to learn, how to play, how to listen, how to calm down, pretty much everything.

Miss Thuong helped us tremendously. Witnessing the progress that he has been making I was extremely happy. My husband and I spent more time taking him to different places so that he could meet more people and experience the world.

We also enrolled him in the special needs classroom for two years. Exactly a year later he said many things and asked me many things that I had never thought of. We were so happy! Words can’t just describe our joy. I still remember the very first sentence he could say clearly was “Thank you.” Our family was really surprised and busted into happy tears.

Right now, my child is in 1st grade and attending Rocketship, a specialized school for advanced courses. HE DID IT!! I wholeheartedly encourage all parents out there: If you notice that your child is slow, that means he needs early intervention right away. If you keep waiting until he gets older, it will be very difficult!

(Ms. Thi, mother of a special need child)